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Maryland Inattentive Driving Laws

Elkton, Maryland Careless Driving Defense Attorney

In Maryland, as in most states, it is a traffic violation to drive recklessly and or negligently. Living in the world we do we are accustomed to getting things instantly. Technology today affords us the luxury of instant access to information, people & places. Aside from possibly causing a motor vehicle accident and injuring or killing someone, a reckless or negligent driving charge can also effect things such as insurance premiums, employability and driving privileges. Penalties for reckless or negligent driving can include fines, court costs and points on your driving record.

Who Can Be Charged With Inattentive Driving

Someone who operates a vehicle carelessly without regard for the road, weather & traffic conditions

Someone who operates a vehicle but neglects to give full time & attention to the operation of the vehicle

Someone using a cell phone, BlackBerry or PDA while driving a car

Causes of Inattentive Driving

Texting While Driving

Talking on Cell Phone While Driving

Use of PDA While Driving

Internet Surfing While Driving

GPS Programming While Driving

Contact a Maryland Inattentive Driving Lawyer

If you have been charged with Reckless or Negligent Driving contact The Law Office of William Riddle to protect your rights. Mr. Riddle aggressively defends his clients in an effort to achieve a favorable outcome and minimize the consequences. Please call his office at 410 620 1343.