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Maryland DUI Information

In Maryland a DUI, which stands for driving under the influence, is a complex charge that carries stiff penalties upon conviction. DUI laws are very complex and every DUI case is different. DUI and DWI laws in Maryland are updated periodically. DUI cases are based on the use of field sobriety tests and blood alcohol content (BAC) testing. BAC tests indicate the level of alcohol in the bloodstream. Per MD DUI laws the legal BAC limit is 0.08 percent for those age 21 and over. If you have a BAC of 0.08 percent or higher, you may be charged with DUI. Failure to submit to a breath or blood test will result in separate charges that may include the suspension of your driver’s license.
It is important to understand DUI charges and penalties in Maryland. The penalties for a conviction increase with multiple offenses, when your BAC is over 0.10 percent, and when you are involved in a drunk driving accident or drugged driving accident. A skilled Rockville, Maryland DUI attorney knows the laws that apply in your case and will work to resolve your case. It is essential to get your attorney involved in your case as soon as possible.
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