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Maryland DUI Diversion Programs

Maryland DUI Diversion Programs

District Courts throughout Maryland allow drug and alcohol abuse assessment and treatment programs for offenders. These programs are aimed at changing the behavior of alcohol/drug addicted offenders charged with a DUI. Below is an overview of such programs in varying counties. Being eligible to enroll in this type of program can prevent you from serving a jail sentence or paying stiff penalties and fines. Read on below to learn how our law office can help defend your constitutional rights if charged with a DUI and help you enter a diversion program.

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Alcohol Diversion Program

Maryland alcohol diversion programs handle DUI cases of 18-year-olds or older first time offenders who are charged with minor alcohol related offenses. It allows the offender the ability to avoid a criminal conviction. Upon the successful completion of the program, the case against the offender will be dismissed. This allows the accused to clear his/her criminal record. Failure to complete the program results in the case being modified to active resulting in a criminal trial. There is no uniform state drug diversion program in Maryland. Each program varies from county-to-county.

For example, an alcohol treatment program currently exists in Hartford County for first time underage alcohol possession offenders. To qualify to enroll into the program, offenders must be a Hartford County resident, have no prior criminal record, be non-violent, not be on active probation, and his/her case must be in the jurisdiction of the District Court of Hartford County.

Most program participants must attend the program for 6 months. The offender is required to remain drug and alcohol free for a specified period of time and agree to take any substance abuse tests throughout the program’s duration. During the program, the offender must attend group and individual counseling sessions. Offenders are also required to attend classes and report to their probation agent for program updates.

Is A Diversion Program Right for You?

There are several benefits of being able to enroll into a diversion program. For example, enrolling into such a program will help keep a conviction off of your criminal record and out of jail. Diversion programs can help you better understand any alcohol and substance abuse issues you may have and provide you with the tools to treat them. Most Maryland diversion programs have high success rates amongst program graduates.

The downside of the diversion program is the time commitment involved. However, attending the diversion program is still better than sitting in jail.

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