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Maryland DUI Attorney

Our Maryland DUI attorneys are highly skilled, very experienced and shrewd negotiators. With more than 20 years of experience in jury trials, our MD DWI defense lawyers specializes in handling all types of DUI cases. As a former senior assistant district attorney and DUI prosecutor, he knows the law and understands the tactics that are often used by law enforcement and prosecutors in DUI cases. They have participated in hundreds of DUI trials and has overseen thousands of evidentiary hearings. They are is certified in field sobriety testing with hands-on experience working with breath and blood tests that are used by law enforcement in Maryland.
Maryland Drunk Driving Attorneys Helping You
As a defense attorney we are able to view both sides of each case, making it much easier to work on a successful defense. With cases ranging from simple Pennsylvania DUI arrests to vehicular homicide, he has experience defending every possible charge. Because of his extremely strong DUI background, he has a high rate of success. Our MD DWI attorneys are very proud to provide clients with assistance in defending their rights when accused of a crime. Among his credentials:

  • 20 years of jury trial experience
  • Former DUI Prosecutor
  • Nationally Certified in Field Sobriety Testing

Experienced Maryland DUI Lawyer
Our practice is limited to DUI defense. Concentrating on a single practice area allows us to provide a highly focused defense for our clients. We are located in Annapolis, Baltimore, Rockville, Upper Marlboro and Salisbury and serve the entire state.
Knowledgeable Maryland DUI Attorney
Our MD DWI defense lawyers provides comprehensive DUI defense to help resolve your legal matters as quickly as possible. They works immediately to file pretrial motions to suppress evidence whenever possible. When these are successful, the result may be reduced charges or the dismissal of DUI charges. The Annapolis, Maryland DUI attorneys on our team know how to gather and review evidence in your case and will work tirelessly to preserve your rights. He will review all the information in your DUI case and develop an optimal defense. He will walk you through the process and ensure that you know what to expect as your Maryland DWI or  DUI case progresses.
Fast-Acting DUI Lawyers Serving Maryland
Our skilled Maryland DUI defense attorneys have a thorough understanding of breath tests. This includes the review of data that was collected and the ability to challenge these tests when it is found that they were inaccurate or improperly given. In DUI cases, law enforcement officers typically administer sobriety tests, including a breath test or blood test, to determine your blood alcohol content (BAC). They will retest blood samples through a private lab to properly analyze and review it. In some cases, it is discovered that the BAC was lower than the legal limit while you were driving. Additionally, our Ellicott City DUI attorneys work all possible aspects of the case, including taking photographs of the arrest scene and reviewing police videotape of the stop, when available.
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