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Maryland Driving While Suspended Laws

Driving With A Suspended License In Elkton Maryland

Like most states it is illegal to drive or operate a motor vehicle in Maryland if your drivers license has been suspended. A license suspension is typically a result of unresolved traffic violations or repeat traffic or moving violations. If the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration has suspended your drivers license and you are caught driving you will face additional fines, fees, legal penalties and extended license suspension.

If you have been caught driving while your license is suspended in Maryland you should consult with a skilled and experienced Maryland License Suspension Defense Attorney. Call The Law Office of William F. Riddle at 410 620 1343. Or, email Mr. Riddle by clicking here.

Common Reasons For License Suspension

Repeat Traffic Violations


Subsequent Offense DUI

Failure To Have Adequate Insurance

Leaving The Scene of An Accident

Contact An Elkton, Maryland Driving License Suspension Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with driving with a suspended drivers license in Maryland please feel free to call The Law Office of William F. Riddle at 410 620 1343. You may also email Mr. Riddle by clicking here. Mr. Riddle has many years experience handling all types of traffic violations in Maryland including Driving While Suspended. He understands the penalties you may face and will fight for you and get you the most favorable outcome possible.

The Law Office of William F. Riddle is fully qualified to handle traffic offense matters throughout Cecil County, Maryland including: North East, Rising Sun, Perryville, Chesapeake City, Cecilton, Warwick, Cherry Hill, Earleville as well as Elkton, Maryland.